Additional testimonials and reviews can be found on the school's Facebook page as well as Google.  Thanks for taking time to read.  


 I cannot say enough positive things about Lakeside and Ms. Julie! We were at 3 different preschools before Lakeside and have never been happier than we were here. The small setting, adorable little yellow house, and every thoughtful aspect of the school is just perfect. Julie, Cindy, and Ms. Laya truly love these children and are passionate about teaching. I joke with Julie that I wish she could teach our kids K-12 but if that were truly an option I would sign up TODAY! Wonderful school that we will miss terribly. So excited that our toddler will get to experience Lakeside in a couple of years.
-The Granums


"This school surpassed every hope I had for my daughter. My only regret is not finding it earlier! Julie and the other teachers are kind and loving and the teaching is SO creative. You will never find this level of hands on learning at any other school. We love Lakeside Prep and my daughter is SO prepared for kindergarten!"


Jennie M.


"Julie is an AMAZING educator! First of all, she loves each and every one of her students as if they are her own. She provides enriching activities across her curriculum that meet each and every need of her students - hands on, hands in, body moving, motor skills building, exciting activities that have students working as a class, in small groups, in pairs and independently as needed. Our family is SO happy to have found this wonderful school. We couldn't have asked for anything better!!!"


Courtney P.


"Selia has officially skipped kindergarten and will be a first grader in the fall.  She couldn't have done this without you!"





"I had a conference with Casen's teacher last week and he is above average in all subjects.  In literacy fluency, the expectation is 23 wpm and he's at 103 with 99% accuracy, the highest score in the entire first grade.  We are so thankful we sent him to you.  I know without your help he would not be where he is today!"


Heather L.


"There aren't enough words to express how incredibly thankful we are for Julie Satterfield Belk and her incredible program!! Maryn has grown so much this year academically and socially, and we will never be able to thank you enough! We are sad that the school year is over, but we know that Maryn is ready to rock kindergarten! We will miss you and all the friends we made during the year."

Alison M.



"Over the last 2 years you have been a part of our lives and starting the kids off on their journey through life..I can't say enough wonderful things about you and your program."


Michael M.



"Lakeside Prep has been amazing for our son. He started when we moved to the area in February 2017. He is on the younger side and has apraxia. Miss Julie customizes the learning for each student and he has done very well the last few months of the school year. Finding with Miss Julie was a miracle in the making for him. She made us feel right at home and we could not be happier. We look forward to the next two years!"


Tiffany W.

"I want to recognize Julie Belk for the amazing and heartfelt work that she does developing young minds as well as nurturing their spirit. As first time parents, my husband and I were very unsure of our little one entering pre school. Sending her out into the world, if you will. When was the right time to enroll her? Where would be a good fit for her first flight out of the nest without a parent in sight? We wanted her to be in a educational, safe, and nurturing environment. We wanted her to be more than another face in the class of many. A tall order I know but nonnegotiable. We spent much of the last year discussing this. A friend suggested we contact Julie to discuss her educational program. We went to meet her and instantly we knew this was the right path. Our daughter, who is 3 1/2 has a wonderful connection with "my Julie Belk, my teacher" (as she refers to her in many conversation to anyone who will listen). Our daughter has been with Julie since December and  of 2015 and we have been elated with the many new things she is learning. You can tell in everything she does with the children and the way the children respond and interact with her, that Julie is dedicated and passionate about teaching. She instantly put our mind and heart at ease in this big decision and we will forever be grateful for our daughter's first teacher, Julie Belk. We are looking forward to the 2016-2017 school year at Lakeside Prep!"
Kearston R.
"My 5 year old son has always been outgoing, but has struggled with learning basic Kindergarten principals.  He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and we have worried about how he will do in that type of environment.  He has been attending Julie's Kindergarten Readiness Program for five months and has excelled by leaps and bounds!! He used to get easily frustrated, but now he loves to learn.  We only have one person to thank for that.....Ms. Julie!  Thanks to her teaching abilities, my son can now write words and can even read!!  I could not be more happy with what she has done!! Thank You So Much!"
Amanda J.
"We hit the jackpot finding you. The things Sam can do now versus 6 months ago are astonishing!"
Jayne C.

"My children have been going to this program for more than 6 months and we couldn’t be more pleased.  They absolutely love going and continuously say they can’t wait to go back.  Julie finds a way to make learning fun.  We are extremely impressed with the work they bring home.  It’s amazing how much she can teach them in just a few hours at a time.  Julie is a truly gifted teacher."


 Leslie H.

"Ms. Julie's classroom is a fun and loving environment for kids to learn.  My daughter develeoped strong academic sckills, social skills needed in kindergarten and was excited to go to school everyday!"
Jessica J.
"Our daughter is currently enrolled in the pre K program and what a difference we have seen in just a few months.  Julie has a gift for balancing academics with fun and creativity and our daughter is always excited to attend.  Julie is able to incorporate writing, reading, science and math lessons into the day in a way that is interesting for young children.   She consistently provides communication to parents regarding the progress of their child with guidance on activities for learning at home.  We highly recommend her program to other families!"
Michael and Marlynna H.

"Julie Belk has a genuine passion for teaching and nurturing "the whole child".  Julie seamlessly educates and provides love and support so that her young students are eager to learn and grow."


Jeff Ruppenthal


Huntersville Elementary



“We could not have asked for a better start when our son entered school.  Julie Belk was the “perfect” fit for him. She offered a wonderful combination of love and gentle directness.  But as good as she was with our son, she was even better with the parents.   She kindly helped us learn school and calmly explained the stages children go through during their early years of education ...and as we watched our son over the next few years, she proved to be 100% right!”
Steve and Angela S.

“After knowing Julie Belk for over 10 years and working next door to her for 6 years as a colleague on the kindergarten team at Mountain Island Elementary, I can honestly say that she is one of a kind.  Her personal warmth and enthusiasm offers a sense of accessibility and comfort.  This, intertwined with her professional demeanor and expertise in the field of early childhood education, makes for a perfect combination.  Julie exudes enthusiasm with every task she undertakes.  She displays her excitement for learning and children, as well as her skills in the field, through her creativity in activities, communication with both children and parents, and her never-ending goal to meet the needs of every student in her class.  Julie has this amazing ability to make every child, family, and colleague feel cared for and special.  There are a select few whom I would entrust with the job of teaching my own children – Julie is definitely one of them.”

Katy E. H., Ph.D



"Julie Belk first came into our lives as Matthew’s kindergarten teacher and she tutored him for almost four years. Julie was instrumental in identifying Matthew’s learning disability and was a strong advocate in helping him receive modifications in the classroom. Her work with him in reading and writing helped him make huge improvements in his grades and his self confidence. Matthew learned phonics and many other decoding strategies during his time with Julie. She was able to identify his weaknesses and give us strategies to help him succeed. My children also participated in her summer learning camps which were educational and loads of fun! Julie is patient and kind. Julie Belk has been much more than a teacher for Matthew. She gave him the tools he needed to be successful with great care. Julie always took time to share with me what they were working on and gave me activities that we could do at home to help reinforce concepts. We love her!"


Rob and Cathy C.





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