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Welcome to Lakeside Preparatory!


Lakeside Preparatory is a unique program designed to

 grow young minds in more ways than one! 


My name is Julie Belk and I am a National Board Certified teacher with 23 years experience.  I taught children with special needs for six years, Kindergarten in the public school system for eight years and have had my own learning program for nine years.  I have also been a multi-age tutor for 15 years.  I truly love every student that comes through my program and I treat them as if they are my own. 

I have been with my high school sweet heart for 29 years and married for 23 years.  We are both born and raised in the Charlotte/Huntersville area.                                             We have three children; Lauren 18, Alli 8 and Bryson 7.   


Lakeside Preparatory provides a fun-filled, hands on learning experience which will ultimately help prepare children for school.  The focus is on academic achievement, strengthening fine and gross motor skills as well as building confidence with social awareness. Children will benefit from a combination of whole group activities and small group interactions.  Attention will be given to individual strengths and weaknesses which will allow for differentiated instruction.  Periodic assessments will be given to track monthly and yearly progress.  This program is designed to provide individual tutoring in a collaborative learning environment.  Children benefit from learning through play and social interactions such as music & movement, games, stories and role play.  These activities are used to incorporate imaginative play as well as allow physical fitness.  All activities are developmentally appropriate and set in a nurturing, but structured environment.


School hours are Monday – Thursday 9:00-1:00.  The 2018-2019 school year will go from September 4th- May 30th.   *Please visit the website for this year’s schedule and calendar.





Age is just a number.  I understand that children learn at different capacities, therefore I teach each child based on ability and not age.


My mission has always been to provide children with individualized instruction in a whole group setting. All activities and lessons are differentiated, meaning everyone doesn’t participate in the same learning activities. Groups constantly change based on the skills being taught for each lesson. Because of the nature of my program, age of a child, personality, and strengths, children may participate in the program more than one year.  Since each objective and lesson are differentiated, a child will never have the same learning experience in two consecutive years.

 Below is an example of a typical day at Lakeside. Each day varies depending on Science/Social Studies/Spanish/Holidays/Show and Share, etc.


8:50-9:10  Arrival/Morning Work (blocks, math manipulatives, puzzles, coloring, tracing, copying, completing activity from previous day)

9:10-9:30   Whole Group Circle Time (welcome, songs, calendar, show and share, story, etc)

9:30-9:45  Whole Group Math Lesson (teacher instruction, games, movement, songs)

9:45-10:30  Small Group Rotations (3-5 differentiated learning groups based on skills taught.  They consist of teacher led groups, independent/peer collaboration, free choice exploration and follow up of skills taught)

10:30 Snack

10:40-10:50 Whole Group Literacy Lesson (story, games, songs, teacher instruction)

10:50-11:45 Small Group Rotations (3-5 differentiated learning groups based on skills taught.  They consist of teacher led groups, independent/peer collaboration, free choice exploration and follow up of skills taught)

11:45-12:35  Lunch/ Recess (Whole Group)

12:35-12:50 Whole Group Circle Time to recap day

12:50-1:00 Pack up/Treasure box/Dismiss


My program is designed to be integrated, so all children know each other and can have experiences with a variety of peers. We play, laugh, love each other and learn.  Each year the enrollment varies. No matter the number of students I have had in the past, I am blessed to always have the same successful results. I want to make sure the children are safe, reaching their learning potential and love school!  I don’t have separated classrooms with a set teacher.  I am the lead teacher and will have a part time educator to assist with the rotations, differentiated activities as well as help monitor lunch, recess, etc. 





Here is some information regarding the program, reminders and policies.


Calendar: The school year is from September 4th 2018 to May 30th 2019. The school days and times are Monday-Thursday 9:00-1:00.  Drop off starts at 8:55.  Dismissal will start at 12:55.  If you will be dropping off/picking up late or early, please text to let me know.  Please review the Lakeside Preparatory academic calendar for holidays, workdays and parent events. Please note that the calendar is similar to CMS, but not the same. Lakeside has fewer workdays and observances and does not have any early release days.  We are also in session a week or so longer than most programs.  There are a couple of Open Days built into the calendar.  These are for former students or siblings to utilize when their schools are closed as well as families who are interested in a trial day to learn more about Lakeside.  Open days will be similar to a regular school day but may possibly have additional children.


Inclement Weather:  Lakeside Preparatory will follow the CMS inclement weather policy for the first two days of closing.  We will not make up those days. We will monitor the weather forecasts and road/sidewalk conditions each day after.  If the parking lot and sidewalks are clear and do not pose danger for children and families, then we will be open.  If CMS is closed numerous consecutive days, then Lakeside Prep may add an additional Open Day or make up day for you and other families.  I will communicate through texts to keep everyone informed.


Tuition:  Tuition is $400 per month and due the first of the month.  If the first falls on a weekend, then you may pay the following Monday.  You may pay in cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Julie Belk or Julie Belk/Lakeside Preparatory.  I have a tax ID number that I can provide to each family. *I am in the process of offering another option for payment.  More details to come.


Planner: Your child will be given a binder/planner that will be used as an open communication tool between school and home. This will also include daily notes, classwork, etc. Please check and empty the planner nightly and send back to school. *If you still have yours from last year, please return it.  I meant to keep those.  If not, no worries.


                ***Parents are asked to purchase a School Bag and Class Shirt for $20***

One of our Lakeside families owns a company that makes these for us.  If you are a returning student,

you may use your bag and shirt from last year.  Otherwise, you may purchase a new one.


School Bags:  Each child will have a Lakeside Preparatory school bag instead of a traditional back pack.  These will be used daily and are the perfect size for the student planners.


School T shirts:  Each child will have a Lakeside Preparatory shirt that will be worn for fun days, field trips and special events.



Snack/Lunch: Make sure your child brings a lunch box and drink/water each day. We will have a quick snack around 10:15 and lunch around 11:45ish. (see schedule) Parents will send in snacks each month as needed.  I will store them at school and pass them out to everyone daily.  If our snack supply gets low, I will send a text to request more.  Some favorite snacks are:  Goldfish, Cheez its, Cereal bars, Granola bars, Animal Crackers, Graham Crackers, Raisins, Ritz Crackers, Fruit, etc


Attire: Make sure your child wears comfortable play clothes and shoes.  Please send in a change of clothes to keep at school.


Safety: The front door to the school will remain locked during the day. *We are still renovating the new school, so I will update you with security details as they are finalized.


Absences: If possible, please send a text or email if your child will be absent.  If your child will be out for an extended time, tuition is still expected to be paid.


Sick Policy:  If your child is not feeling well, has cold like symptoms, coughing (other than allergy related), has a fever, etc. please do not send your child to school.  Your child must be fever and symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. *If your child is diagnosed with the flu, they must be fever and symptom free for at least 48 hours before returning to school.


Field trips: There will be a couple of driving field trips this year, one in the fall and one in the spring. For transportation and safety purposes, a parent or guardian is required to attend. We may also participate in 1-2 community events or service projects.  Details of these trips are being finalized and will be shared closer to the event.


Class Parties:  There are several times during the year, that we will have class parties and celebrations.  Most of these will be in school, children only celebrations.  When we have parent involved class parties, I’ll ask for parents to organize, volunteer stations or simply donate items. All are welcome to participate and contribute at anytime.


Birthdays:  During our morning Circle Time, we will sing to the birthday child.  If you’d like, you may come visit your child at lunch and bring a treat for the class.  Some suggestions of treats are cookies, cookie cake, fruit, juice box, water bottles, etc.  This will help with timeliness and clean up after.  Please DO NOT bring cupcakes. Thank you for your cooperation!



Communication:  In addition to the planner, you will receive texts 2-3 times a week with updates and pictures.  I will also add this information to the Lakeside Preparatory Facebook page.  Please sign the photo release consent form.  It will be available at Open House or any time after.


Behavior:  At Lakeside Preparatory, we play, laugh, love and learn.  Fortunately, our days are so busy, that we haven’t experienced behavior issues.  However, if your child is disruptive to others, steps will be taken.  I use a lot of positive redirection, natural transitions and consequences.  Notes will be written in the daily planner, texting and phone calls keep communication open as well.  If the negative behavior continues, other placement may be necessary.


Assessments and Student Progress:  Students will be given informal assessments 3 times a year (September, December/January and May).  I will meet with each family during fall conferences in November to discuss the initial assessment as well as progress made to that point.  I will continuously monitor progress and adjust instruction accordingly throughout the year.  We will also meet at the end of the year to discuss progress, strengths and areas for improvement.  



Supplies:  I typically try to provide all of the materials that the students need throughout the year.  However, parents are asked to send in the following:


   *2 boxes/bags of snacks per month (Cheez its, crackers, Goldfish, Dry Cereal)

   *1-2 packs of treasure box items per month (stickers, balls, pencils, etc)

   *2 boxes of tissues at the beginning of the year

   *1 bottle of hand sanitizer at the beginning of the year

   *2 packs of baby wipes

   *1 white pillow case for our science lab coats (if you are a returning student and would like

      to send in the one from last year, that’s fine)





At Lakeside Preparatory, you will receive:


*Developmentally appropriate activities that are fun and engaging

*Small group learning stations

*Individualized instruction based on each child’s strengths and weaknesses

*Beginning of the year individual assessment

* One on one teacher conferences in the fall and spring

*Communication Binder/Notebook that comes back and forth to school each day.

*Daily/Weekly texts, updates and pictures

*Facebook posts and pictures about what we are learning

*Personalized Learning

*Parent Shows throughout the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, End of Year)


*Most importantly, genuine love and concern for your child


I have always offered an “open door” policy where parents are encouraged to ask questions and keep an ongoing dialogue of communication. I want to make sure we have a strong partnership to help your child be successful. If you ever have any questions, please let me know.


Please visit www.lakesidekprep.com or the Lakeside Preparatory Facebook page for detailed information and updates.  You can always call or text me at 704-577-0399.


Thank you for trusting me with your child.  I am looking forward to a fun year!





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